Hypnofit™ will help you develop a firm foundation of mental resilience and health by helping you make the changes you need to your lifestyle and mental habits…free of pain…and living life on YOUR terms.

At Hypnofit™ we specialise in the treatment of depression, anxiety and addictions  to treat both the cause and symptoms with no medication and with no side effects.

Hypnofit™ offers a private, confidential and tailored approach to your specific needs. Hypnofit™ will help you easily achieve the results you have always wanted now… a strong healthy body, a happier life, fulfilling relationships….and much more.

Time Line Therapy®

Used as a powerful tool that removes negative emotions associated with specific events in your life, allowing you to move forward and enjoy life with calmness, inner peace and confidence.

Deep Relaxation

Hypnotherapy can induce deep states of relaxation. The process of hypnosis tends to switch off the ‘stress response’ and switch on the ‘relaxation response’.


The relaxed state of consciousness experienced during hypnotherapy is often associated with an increased level of suggestibility. We can use suggestion to provoke increased feelings of empowerment and control in situations which usually cause anxiety.

Positive Imagery

Sometimes anxious people are in the habit of allowing too much negative imagery to persist in their thinking. Too much worrying over-stimulates the ‘stress response’ and this creates feelings of anxiety. Hypnotic suggestions are given to let go of the habit of worrying and to use your imagination in a more positive and productive manner.

Free Hypnosis CD’s

All clients signing up for an Anxiety program will receive 2 FREE CD’s which utilise the latest mind management techniques, creating new neural pathways that relate to your associations and attitudes towards anxiety.  The CD’s will also reinforce the live sessions that you attend.