Breakthrough to a new future…

What are Personal Breakthrough Sessions?

During our Personal Breakthrough Sessions we use some powerful and advanced techniques that will allow you to free yourself of unwanted behaviours and choose new ones that will empower and support your outcomes, helping you to achieve your true potential.

People have problems; everyone comes across problems now and again. The question is not why you have the problem; it’s how you do the problem?

How do you know when it’s time to be stressed? What wouldn’t happen if you weren’t stressed?

When don’t you have low self-esteem? What were you doing when you didn’t have low self-esteem?

These are some of the types of questions you will be asked as part of your session, depending on the nature of the problem you come to us with.

The Hypnofit™ Breakthrough Sessions are about finding out how the problem is constructed, not making you justify or reason to us, or yourself as to why you have it.

Once the problem is understood, the problem itself can be unravelled and replaced by installing new choices and behaviours that you do desire that would support you in your goals, rather than hinder you….what would you like to be doing instead?