• Are you stuck in the Traffic Jam of Life?
  • Are you constantly procrastinating about moving forward towards a compelling future where you are living your true purpose?
  • Do you want the person that other people see on the outside to reflect the person you know is in in the inside?
  • Do you want to be truly happy in your relationships?

 Are you ready to become a FABULOUS version of yourself?

Are you ready to learn the STEP BY STEP process of getting out of life’s Traffic Jam and into the Fast Track to Fabulous?  ….then this workshop is for YOU!!

The Fast Track to Fabulous workshop will leave you Motivated, Inspired & IN ACTION

  • Learn the 6 STEPS that propel you towards a meaningful abundant life, where you are truly living your conviction taking you from:

Fearful to Empowered

Overwhelm to Control

Fragile to Confident

  • Learn the TRUTH about how to take control of your life

  • Learn about the 10 PRINCIPLES of FABULOUS PEOPLE

  • Learn real Techniques that can help you overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from becoming empowered to have that FABULOUS life. 

What you get

  • 2 Days of Total Immersion
  • Your own copy of Helen’s  relaxation CD set
  • A copy of the Fast Track to Fabulous 41 page work book
  • PLUS a 1 on 1 personal coaching session to guarantee your own personal success.

   Included in your workbook:

  • “Your guide to personal power”
  • “How to become aligned with your true purpose”
  • “Learn which specific assumptions empower you”
  • “How all events, positive and negative can be turned into powerful life lessons”
  • “How to move from fear to fabulous in 6 steps customised to your specific circumstances
  •  “How to eliminate your limiting decisions”
  • “How to get real about time”
  • “How to eliminate anxiety”
  • “How to love, respect and value yourself”
  • “10 principles of fabulous people and how to apply them to your life”


  What others have said about the 2 day immersion……    

“…the program was very informative, incredibly valuable, it taught us amazing steps to achieve our compelling outcomes and made us aware of what was holding us back and how we can move past our obstacles and be FABULOUS.  The highlight to me was discussing the ways in which we can empower ourselves.  It was very liberating to know that achieving your goals is in fact very possible…Helen is such a brilliant example of that…”

“…the highlight for me was realising that I can change…”

“…every aspect was a highlight….the learning, layout and format of the presented information was clear, structured and practical.  I enjoyed the systematic and structured presentation particularly listening to Helen’s life examples which I could relate to.  I found a clearing of the ‘fog’ in my mind….now I have the tools to move through fear to FABULOUS…”

“…loved Helen’s passion, sincerity, persistence with questioning and ‘tough love’ approach…”

“…I felt I was in a safe environment….it tapped into area that I didn’t believe related to my behaviour…”  

What others have said about the evening seminars……

“…..Just letting you know that I attended tonight’s workshop and it’s a shame Helen, the presenter, didn’t hand out feedback forms because she was brilliant. I say this in full awareness of NLP content and presentation skills…. Her skilful delivery of material was matched by a spirit of warmth and authenticity that you couldn’t help but be impressed by.  A winning workshop at the Academy!….”  

“…I wanted to say that I really again enjoyed listening to you talk and refreshing my mind on my sessions. I loved seeing all the others there last night and their reactions when they realised how EASY it can be to start to turn things around just by a few little changes in the way we think or process our thoughts. .. it reminded me yet again how I was doing a lot of the very things that people were talking about and I now have left the negativity and anxiety behind. Was like I had a big Hypnofit vitamin tablet as I feel re focused and energised even more.  I saw people’s minds ticking over thinking that  YES I could actually do this. Thanks again and so looking forward to the FTTF session in April.”