Your Year of YES!

3 Tips on How Conquer Your Fears

comfort zone

From the moment that we are able to talk the words YES and NO are amongst the strongest that areincluded into our vocabularies.  These two words will either open or close ourselves to all of life’s possibilities.

At the end of a recent session, my client Sam told me that 2014 would be the year of ‘YES’.

YES to more experiences!

YES to more adventures!

YES to taking on all fears!


As always, the moment we make a decision about anything, the universe gleefully challenges us on our resolve.

The day after Sam made his resolution, he was asked to MC for his friends wedding and his first instinct was to say ‘NO’, before remembering his resolution and saying a resounding big YES!!

Sam is 24 years old and I am struck by his wisdom.

Magic happens when we say ‘YES’! It is only when we say YES that we can possibly step outside our comfort zone and grow.

Once you start saying ‘YES’ it becomes easier and easier.

It’s like a muscle that gets stronger the more it’s used – the ‘YES’ muscle….click through for a very famous YES scene.

In the past, I would on occasions be paralysed with fear in operating outside my comfort zone.  I would analyse the pros & the cons and then think about all the reasons as to why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do it.

In most cases we are programmed to model this behaviour and it does have its merits when making some important decisions in our lives.  This strategy will only be successful if we use it to compare strengths, weaknesses or threats in a balanced way and not as a way of staying with NO.

These days, it would be an odd day that I wasn’t stepping outside my comfort zone.

Whether it’s to do with my work or physical activities, I am forever trying new experiences.

An example of this was that only last week, I was approached by an ex AFL player, now a motivational speaker and author, to create a motivational workshop together.

“Let’s Do It “I said instantly and without hesitation.

I didn’t look at my work schedule. There was no option for me except to instantly see it as an opportunity that could not be missed

“I love that” – he said

“What?” I asked

“I love that you automatically said yes”.

And so with one word – YES – the direction changes and takes me to unknown and unexplored territory and that’s where the magic happens.

3 Tips on HOW to conquer your fears and say YES!

  1. Don’t think about it.  Just SAY it instantly and without hesitation
  2. Don’t allow fear to stop you in your tracks.  Fear is just an indicator that you need to be prepared because you are about to do something new
  3. Manage your anxiety – Download my FREE E Book “ Eliminate Anxiety in 3 EASY Steps”

What are you saying YES to?

YES to the same old tired ways that have failed in the past or YES to a new beginning?

GO ON – DO IT – SAY YES  !!!!